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Vertical Black Stripes?

Actually no, VBS stands for Vacation Bible School. If you work it you'll get $100.00 towards any ClubFBC[FBC doesn't stand for Five Blind Children] event. That means that you could get $100.00 off that Ski Trip in Virginia at the end of the year.


Kamisamanou "Jonathan" Burgess

The Lost Podcast.

Well, I had tons of plans for ClubFBC last night. I arrived at the church at approx. 3pm only to find that the youth room had been overtaken by VBS. No big, Mrs. Beth said I could go to the gym to do it. This sounded cool and I got right to work setting up for tonight. After dragging 4 speakers, an amp, a projector, and my computer into the room they told me they were locking up. I told them I had permission but they let me know that they were still in control of the building. So, we ended up discussing Noah. They're were 8 total.



Mystery Night

It's mystery night at ClubFBC. What's the mystery? The night is. Because as of I now, all I know is that I'll be preaching. Everything else is completely unknown. So, come see what happens at ClubFBC on mystery night.



ClubFBC, A Place for Worship

Well, besides the MySpace slogan knock-off in the title. This is 100% pure ClubFBC and it's episode 3

ClubFBC, A Place for Worship 

ClubFBC Podcast on iTunes!

Yes, it's true, the ClubFBC podcast is now on iTunes. 

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Temble in fear.

Yes it's true, I will be teaching ClubFizzle-B-Crizzle on the 21st of this month. I know your scared, and you should be, but isn't that what makes it excited.

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Here it is, episode two of the ClubFBC Podcast.

Episode 2: Attack of the Crowd