Episode 12

The click comes before any sound is played.

Episode 12


Announcements for January 24th

  • Jan. 27th, Saturday | 8:30a-12p | iServe | We’ll be serving food at Good Samaritans. Don’t miss this chance to show the influence of Jesus Christ to people who need Him. Free food for all attendees. Meet at church @8:30a.
  • Jan. 28th, Sunday | 9a-10a | Fresh Start | You can’t miss this!
  • Jan. 31st, Wednesday | 5p-8p | ClubFBC | Service starts at six, goes till roughly seven.
  • Feb. 7th, Wednesday | Y.E.C. Money Due | $20. Sign up on the back table.

New times for ClubFBC

Starting tonight, ClubFBC opens for snacks and drinks at 5:30pm. We still “end” service at ~7pm, but you can stay for even more snacks and drinks. Also, don’t forget, we have many other activities to entertain you before 6pm and after service.

Start a Revolution!
The ClubFBC Staff

Episode 11

It may be ~3hrs. late, but here is a sermon worth the wait, and the unusual length.

The Love of Money

What’s up!

Jan 21 – Fresh Start – (9-10a)
Jan 24 – ClubFBC – (6-7p)
Feb 07 – Y.E.C – 20 Golden Green Tickets

Episode 10 – The Call to be Normal

In this episode you’ll find a message we all need to hear.

Episode 10 – The Call to be Normal

Happy New Year!

Today is January 1st, 2007 and we at ClubFBC would like to wish you a happy new year filled with the Spirit of God and the peace that it comes with.

To kick things off, let’s first find out what ClubFBC.com’s purpose is. The number one purpose is of course, to inform you of events and other ClubFBC related information. Along that line falls posting information such as camp prices, the services(via the Blogcast), information regarding the schedule of ClubFBC services and other ClubFBC events.

Next, how about I tell who “we”(the ClubFBC Staff) are. First off, there’s Terry, the youth pastor. Next is his wife, Jennifer. Third is Kamisamanou, the in-house geek. Terry pretty much calls the shots, Kamisamanou follows ’em(to an extent), and Jennifer supports Terry and coordinates the trips and other events for the girls of ClubFBC.

Lastly, for those who may have found us using Google, or from another website, here’s is what ClubFBC is. Put simply, it’s the youth group of First Baptist Crossville. It’s also the place in which we(the youth group) worship and play on Wednesdays and Sundays and other assorted dates. Worship is led by the ClubFBC band, a changing group of growing musicians. Terry preaches God’s word. We believe in the Trinity(God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost being one). We don’t speak in tongues. We believe in Baptism by immersion, following Salvation. We believe that Jesus was God incarnate, lived a sinless life, and will return to take those who have a relationship with Him to Heaven for the rest of eternity. We believe that a relationship with Christ is the only way to Heaven. We believe in prayer and Jesus as our High Priest. We believe the Bible to be the word of God, written through men. We believe that man is born a sinner, and will die a sinner. We believe our bodies to be mortal, but our souls to be immortal. We believe that those who don’t have a relationship with Christ, will go to a literal, real, Hell where they will burn for eternity. We believe that Jesus died on the cross, and rose again in 3 days. We believe that the earth was created in 7 days and maintained %100 of the time by God.

So what’s you New Year’s resolution? If you would like a relationship with God then here’s what you must do:

Pray to God, admitting your a sinner. Tell Him you believe He sent His Son, Jesus, to die on the Cross and that Jesus did, and then rose from the dead three days later. Ask Jesus to come into your heart, and begin to give your life entirely to him. There’s no magic words, but if you mean it in your heart, God will come inside you and your relationship with Him will begin.

Start a Revolution!
The ClubFBC Staff