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Do you like MySpace? Is your friends list loaded with your homies? What if The Holy Spirit wanted on your friends list? How, and what, would you feel? Listen in as we delve into

Episode 1 – The Holy Spirit: In Your Top 8?

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ClubFBC Unscripted!

Hey everybody,

This is Kamisamanou “Jonathan” Burgess saying tonight(Feb. 21) was awesome. It was off the freakin’ chain. I only wish we could’ve recorded it to share with those of you who weren’t fortunate enough to be here. Unfortunately, Terry was sick as a dog who ate 5lbs of chocolate. Therefore, Andrew, Chris, and Mark led us in worship tonight. We sung more than seven songs after we ate a delicious spread of Chinese food. The band went from an acoustic, bass, and hand drum to a electric, bass, and full set of drums. Also, we completely up’d the bpm on the last song to the point that it became a rap. On that note…

Start a Revolution!,
The ClubFBC Staff

The ClubFBC Blogcast Episode 13

This is our Valentines Day gift to you:

Episode 13(Unedited*)

*This does not imply any morally incorrect content.

No Podcast tonight

Due to lack of time to get the sound set up, the ClubFBC Blogcast has been cancelled for this week. We really hope to get it going next week.

ClubFBC Update

First off, it’s February, so the theme has changed again. Also, your Y.E.C. money is due this Wednesday. There will be a Super Bowl Partay at Central Baptist Church tonight at six. We also have a different computer, so we’re currently still getting things set up on it. We should be able to record this week’s service. Don’t miss Sunday School, it’s cooler than ever!

Start a Revolution!
The ClubFBC Staff